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‘Rockin Smockin’ Pillow Project
by Lorine Mason
2/3 yard 45” Fabric + Fabric scraps to cover buttons*
14” Square Pillow Form
Two 1-1/2” Covered Buttons – shank style
Washable fabric marker or pen – two colors
Heavyweight upholstery thread and needle
Coordinating sewing thread and needle
Straight pins
Westcott® titanium bonded precisions scissors & Westcott® scissor mouse
1.     Trim your pattern* using the Westcott® Scissor Mouse.
2.     Poke a small hole at each ● on the pattern.
3.     Place the fabric wrong side up onto a flat surface.
4.     Center the pattern on the fabric along left selvedge edge. Pin the pattern to the fabric, being sure not to pin through any of the ● markings on the pattern. Trim any excess fabric extending beyond the pattern at the opposite end using Westcott® titanium bonded precision cut scissors.
5.     Use the fabric marker/pen to mark the ● directly onto the back of the fabric.
6.        Remove the pattern and draw diagonal lines connecting the ● using the pattern as your guide. Alternate pen colors between rows. Note: marking the rows in different colors helps keep you on track when smocking. 
7.     Number the ● starting at 1 and ending at 56 along the first row, using the pattern as a guide. Optional: Continue numbering each of the four remaining rows, always starting with 1 and ending with 56.
8.     With right sides together, align the selvedge edges and stitch together using a ½” seam. Re-mark ● along seam line.
9.     Begin smocking, starting along the right side of the fabric with the wrong side up. Pinch together the fabric matching ● 1 and 2. Stitch through both ● three times.
10.      Moving diagonally across the fabric, repeat matching ● 3 and 4. DO NOT    cut the thread between stitches. Be sure to leave at least 1 1/2” of thread loose between stitches.
11.      Continue smocking the entire row ending at stitch 56.
12.      Move over one row and repeat until you have smocked a total of 5 rows. Note: taking the time to mark the rows in different colors assures you stay within a row when smocking. 
13.      Turn under app. 1/4” along one side of the pillow and sew through both layers of the fabric using a running stitch and long stitches. Start and end at the seam line.
14.      Pull the thread taught gathering the end of the pillow. Knot the thread securely by stitching into the fabric numerous times.
15.      Stuff the pillow form into the pillow, tucking in the corners of the form and gently stretching the smocking stitches.
16.      Repeat stitching and gathering the opposite end of the pillow; encasing the pillow form.
17.      Cover two buttons* following the manufacturer’s directions.
18.      Place buttons over the center gathers of the pillow; using a large needle and upholstery thread, sew buttons in place being sure to knot the threads securely.
*If covering buttons using the same fabric; purchase ¾ yard and trim 3” from one side of the fabric, set aside this strip to cover buttons. Alternate option; Use large decorative buttons or other items such as flowers, beaded jewelry etc. in place of covered buttons.
Directions and Diagrams provided for the’ Rockin Smockin’ pillow are the property of Lorine Mason and should not be copied without prior permission.

*If you are interested in a copy of the pattern, leave a comment asking for one and I will send you a pdf .



  1. Great pillow ... and technique. Please share your pattern in .pdf format with me. Thanks so much! Linda (

    1. To create a full size copy, the spacing is 1 1/2" apart.

  2. I remember these pillows as a kid and would like to make one. Can you send me the pattern please?

    1. Enjoy, remember the spacing is 1 1/2" apart

  3. Cute pillow. I remember these. I'd love to have a pattern.

    1. I need an address to send the pattern too, please.

  4. Would love to have the pattern. looks like such a great pillow! thank you.

    1. I need an address to send the pattern too, please

  5. Your pillow is fantastic and I think my girls and boys would really enjoy them. Please send me a copy as well.

    1. I would be happy to send you the pillow pattern. Use it as a guide with spacing 1 1/2" apart

  6. A long time ago I did a bit of smocking - this pillow would be a perfect smocking project for me! would love to have the pattern. Thanks!

  7. This is so cute but I've never done smocking before. Would this be considered a beginner project? I would love to receive your pattern. And I was wondering why you use a square pillow form for a round pillow; seems the corners would distort the shape? Can you tell I'm a beginner? :) Thank you.


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