Monday, March 21, 2011

Early Parent's Day gift

I attended a couple of classes recently while down at the Hampton Roads quiltfest and decided this week that I refuse to have yet another unfinished project hanging around my studio staring me down every time I walk through the doors.

The class involved the large daylily you see on the above wallhanging. We used a lot of fusible web and some wonderful batiks which I had brought from home. Participants in the class had the choice of a number of flowers - I chose the daylily as it reminded me of tiger lilies from back home. We used to see them not only in gardens but in the ditches as we travelled along the Trans Canada Highway on the odd vacation we took as children. My father's favourite flower is the tiger lily.
During the class most of us were able to cut out out flowers and place them on the fabrics and few of us quicker ones even managed a few stitches - I believe I got the stamens done. And then class was over and we were take our creations home and finish them with some wonderful instructions given to us by our teacher.

The class was a month or so ago and I of course had done nothing except pile it on top of a number of other projects I have not finished. I however have had a nagging worry about my parents who are aging of course as lets face it what is the alternative, and who are dealing with continual medical problems, could use a 'quilted' hug from their far away daughter.

My hope is that they will hang my creation on their front door and reach out and touch the lily knowing that not too long ago I touched it in exactly the same place.

I am off to mail my hug today - please wish for its speedy delivery.

Sew far sew good,


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Suburban Doodles

I have a new love - it is Suburban Doodles - directly related to Urban Doodles which I debuted at CHA. While Urban Doodles is my canvas accessory line complete with edgy doodle art, Suburban Doodles is a line of art that I have been working on everyday since returning from CHA. I start with images and then let the pen and paper lead me to the art. My hope is to transfer this new-found art to my sewing machine in the near future. While I am not Irish I appreciate a holiday like anyone else so here is my English/German/Canadian/American version of a shamrock......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FaveCrafts Blog Radio

Here's Izzy, my daughter Kimbrely's dog. You remember the dog who is going to make me famous for the dog food grocery tote. It is so funny what people remember.
I was a guest on Pat Sloan's FaveCrafts BlogRadio program today. I talked about my recycled sewing projects. Yes - that included the dog food bag as well as the coasters I posted a photo of on my last blog. It was a complete hoot - lots of fun. My only worry is that the listeners were not as entertained as I was during the show. We'll see if I am asked back I guess. Anyway I promised Pat as well as my readers on the Sewing Savvy e-newsletter I would post more recycled sewing projects so I better get busy. If you have a few minutes listen to the show. I am the first guest - don't be alarmed by the advertisement when you first hit the play button - I guess they have to pay the bills somehow - it only takes a moment and then Pat is heard introducing me. Remember I am a novice at this so please be kind.

Sew far Sew good,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I recently returned from the Hampton Roads Quiltfest in Hampton, VA. It was a blast and I was able to take off my teaching hat and put on my student hat for awhile. I signed up for Marjan

Kluepfel's classes on Friday and Saturday. I will post photos as soon as I finish up the projects. Check out Margan's website for a sneak peek at

I am hard at work on my next book of 18" doll clothes and must say it is so much fun. I was able to locate the most beautiful fat quarters of fabric for the projects. I completed two outfits yesterday and must now force myself to ignore the pile of fabrics sitting on my design table to focus on writing up the instructions. I certaining do not want to leave that to the end as it is by far the least interesting part of writing a book.

Check this out. On Wednesday I will be a guest of Pat Sloan's FaveCraft's live radio show. We will be discussing my interest in incorporating items from my recycling box into my sewing projects. The photo of the soda can coasters above will be one of our topics. I would love to have you tune in.
favecrafts Radio - Showtime 3:00 est Wednesday March 2
Sew far sew good for now,