Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FaveCrafts Blog Radio

Here's Izzy, my daughter Kimbrely's dog. You remember the dog who is going to make me famous for the dog food grocery tote. It is so funny what people remember.
I was a guest on Pat Sloan's FaveCrafts BlogRadio program today. I talked about my recycled sewing projects. Yes - that included the dog food bag as well as the coasters I posted a photo of on my last blog. It was a complete hoot - lots of fun. My only worry is that the listeners were not as entertained as I was during the show. We'll see if I am asked back I guess. Anyway I promised Pat as well as my readers on the Sewing Savvy e-newsletter I would post more recycled sewing projects so I better get busy. If you have a few minutes listen to the show. I am the first guest - don't be alarmed by the advertisement when you first hit the play button - I guess they have to pay the bills somehow - it only takes a moment and then Pat is heard introducing me. Remember I am a novice at this so please be kind.

Sew far Sew good,

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