Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I would like to invite you to my new website where a simple click of the button will take you through all of my pages including the blog or if you prefer go directly to my blog. A dear friend and fellow designer, Cherish Flieder, who happens to be an awesome web designer worked with me on the site. We went live officially on August 27th. If you too would like Cherish to work with you and your website, please mention my name when you contact her to set things up. Everything is now in one place which will make things just a touch easier for everyone at Lorine Mason Designs and It's Sew Lorine. Please stop by and leave a comment.


Lorine Mason

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preparing for Class

Class Sample Step Outs
I must admit I was slightly nervous about the Boutique Slippers class I am teaching tomorrow at Berger's Sewing Center. I could not figure out why I was nervous but have come to the conclusion it is because even though I am branding It's Sew Lorine, I really do not teach sewing projects very often. If you look at the classes and/or presentations I have given over the past number of years they are based on either a product I am presenting or a craft based project with the exception of the Rockin Smockin pillow class at CHA this past July. It's funny how you don't really think about what you are doing so much as just doing it, until life makes you stop and really figure out what and or why you are feeling a certain way.

Anyway on to our subject matter. Preparing for class. For those of you who are perhaps unfamiliar with teaching, there is a lot of prep work if you want the class to run smoothly and participants to get there monies worth. I guess this is something our children's teachers have known all along and why they need those extra days off during the school year. Their jobs are not just 9 - 4 if they are a good teacher.

The photo above is a snap shot of the step outs I prepared for class. I like to work backwards, creating a sample of a slipper with only one step to the finish line and then the next sample two steps etc. Another thing I noticed is that if you do not pay attention while you are recreating your steps is that you will create a whole new way to construct something that is perhaps not what you wrote in the books instructions. Is this wrong, why did I do it that way in the first place are questions I asked myself after saying some not so lady like phrases. Luckily I discovered why I did and wrote it the way I did, but honestly it does not make it wrong. In life like in sewing there are many paths.

Wish me luck in class tomorrow, it is the first of many I will be teaching at my local sewing store. BTW: did you notice my good friend, Pat Sloan's fabric in my samples...... Love them Pat!
Boutique Slippers

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eat your Fruits and Veggies by Pat Sloan for Moda

‘Rockin Smockin’ Pillow Project
by Lorine Mason
2/3 yard 45” Fabric + Fabric scraps to cover buttons*
14” Square Pillow Form
Two 1-1/2” Covered Buttons – shank style
Washable fabric marker or pen – two colors
Heavyweight upholstery thread and needle
Coordinating sewing thread and needle
Straight pins
Westcott® titanium bonded precisions scissors & Westcott® scissor mouse
1.     Trim your pattern* using the Westcott® Scissor Mouse.
2.     Poke a small hole at each ● on the pattern.
3.     Place the fabric wrong side up onto a flat surface.
4.     Center the pattern on the fabric along left selvedge edge. Pin the pattern to the fabric, being sure not to pin through any of the ● markings on the pattern. Trim any excess fabric extending beyond the pattern at the opposite end using Westcott® titanium bonded precision cut scissors.
5.     Use the fabric marker/pen to mark the ● directly onto the back of the fabric.
6.        Remove the pattern and draw diagonal lines connecting the ● using the pattern as your guide. Alternate pen colors between rows. Note: marking the rows in different colors helps keep you on track when smocking. 
7.     Number the ● starting at 1 and ending at 56 along the first row, using the pattern as a guide. Optional: Continue numbering each of the four remaining rows, always starting with 1 and ending with 56.
8.     With right sides together, align the selvedge edges and stitch together using a ½” seam. Re-mark ● along seam line.
9.     Begin smocking, starting along the right side of the fabric with the wrong side up. Pinch together the fabric matching ● 1 and 2. Stitch through both ● three times.
10.      Moving diagonally across the fabric, repeat matching ● 3 and 4. DO NOT    cut the thread between stitches. Be sure to leave at least 1 1/2” of thread loose between stitches.
11.      Continue smocking the entire row ending at stitch 56.
12.      Move over one row and repeat until you have smocked a total of 5 rows. Note: taking the time to mark the rows in different colors assures you stay within a row when smocking. 
13.      Turn under app. 1/4” along one side of the pillow and sew through both layers of the fabric using a running stitch and long stitches. Start and end at the seam line.
14.      Pull the thread taught gathering the end of the pillow. Knot the thread securely by stitching into the fabric numerous times.
15.      Stuff the pillow form into the pillow, tucking in the corners of the form and gently stretching the smocking stitches.
16.      Repeat stitching and gathering the opposite end of the pillow; encasing the pillow form.
17.      Cover two buttons* following the manufacturer’s directions.
18.      Place buttons over the center gathers of the pillow; using a large needle and upholstery thread, sew buttons in place being sure to knot the threads securely.
*If covering buttons using the same fabric; purchase ¾ yard and trim 3” from one side of the fabric, set aside this strip to cover buttons. Alternate option; Use large decorative buttons or other items such as flowers, beaded jewelry etc. in place of covered buttons.
Directions and Diagrams provided for the’ Rockin Smockin’ pillow are the property of Lorine Mason and should not be copied without prior permission. www.lorinemasondesigns.com

*If you are interested in a copy of the pattern, leave a comment asking for one and I will send you a pdf .


Monday, August 6, 2012

Crafting for School

Are you the crafty mom who likes to help out in your child's classroom? Here is a fun, creative project that just might interest not only the students but the teacher as well. Connect with the teacher and tie the project into the years curriculum and have the students start a bean plant or some great grass for hair. The fun will multiplied over and over as the children watch their plants grow. 

Here is what you need:

Plant Pots and Saucers ( any size you like)
Air Dry clay to form Ears and Noses
Acrylic paint
Accessories: Buttons, Lace,Trim
Paint Brushes 

Have fun and don't forget the wet wipes and newsprint to cover the desks while everyone is painting!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rockin Smockin Pillow Class at CHA

 It was a Rockin Smockin good time with Westcott at CHA a week ago. We taught a great group of ladies how to smock a round pillow using a square pillow form. It might sound a little odd but it worked. I need to send out a big Thank you to Fairfield, Moda Fabrics and Prym Dritz as they donated the pillow forms, the wonderful Pat Sloan designed fabric, the needles, buttons and more.

Have you seen these gorgeous prints yet? Eat your Fruits and Veggies by Pat Sloan. The ladies in class had a difficult time choosing just one for their pillow design. Yummy!
Here is Patt Bell, a dear friend and fellow designer who helped during class. Yes, that was the pattern we used to transfer all of our smocking dots to the back of the fabric.
Did I mention that we used the World's Favorite Scissors during class? To add to the fun during class, Brenda from Westcott drew names for additional Westcott product giveaways.
Here's Brenda demonstrating the official Rockin Smockin technique to one of our participants. 

Yes, I was in class as well. The difference between Brenda's technique and mine is that apparently I like to stand to demonstrate. 

 All smocked and ready to go. 

 The finished pillow

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my latest class at CHA. I will be teaching locally at Berger's Sewing Center on August 17th. We will be creating slippers from my Boutique Slipper book, which is available at Bergers. Check it out at www.bergersewing.com

Boutique Slippers

Monday, July 16, 2012

Crafty Couture

Urban Doodles by Lorine Mason

I am getting set to head out to Chicago first thing Saturday morning. I have decided that I will not, for the second time only in my career as a free-lance designer, to have a showcase of my work displayed at the trade show. I have decided instead to focus on my Crafty Couture entry. The Crafty Couture display will have a central location on the trade show floor at the convention center in Chicago and will contain 20 dress forms featuring the design work of CHA designer members. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your work in the middle of everything.
How did I decide where my focus would be directed?
I have been doodling forever but have refined my style over the past few years and this is a perfect example of what I can do with a black ink pen and some dye or paint. With my first love being all things fabric it made the decision of what to create so much easier. I chose a simple boat neck sleeveless dress design and an idea of what it might look like when I was finished. I am not one to sketch out designs, I tend to envision the possibilities and set to work. It always changes somewhat and that is what makes it fun.
I used a dye called S.E.I Tumble Dye™ and a series of paintbrushes to 'paint' my dress. I am thrilled and only one thing could make it better. I wish I could actually wear the dress but alas the dress form and I are not the same size. My model is a dear family friend and she stepped right up and I love her for that. Thank you Jana, you are the best!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strip Tees - is the name too much?

Thinking of what to name a new product line can be fun and it can be a lot of work. I love the name Strip Tees as it perfectly describes what the product is; strips of T shirts that I use to create fun jewelry, hair accessories and home decor items. Stay tuned I might back down from the name and go simply with Tees, we'll see after the class I will be teaching with Ann Butler at CHA next week. I intend to ask the students their opinion, is it too much?

CHA Class Project by Lorine Mason

Here is the class project that I will be teaching at CHA. It will be fun to watch everyone create a version of my design. I hope to have lots of photos and will post some when I return. I will also be leading a MITI in the Westcott booth at the show. Lots of Strip Tees going on it seems. Now that I think of it, I smile each time I say the name - but am I smiling because I love it?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Teaching our children to sew

Sew Fun Tote Box
I feel the ability to sew is part of my personality - I am creative and I love fabric! It saddens me to think the art of sewing might be lost if schools do not continue offering classes to their students. Not every household has a sewing machine and in some cases they might have the machine but no interest  or the time to teach the children of the household. This is where the school system or the community can step up to the plate so to speak. If you love sewing, why not offer a class at your neighborhood sewing store, in your church basement or perhaps even in your home, keeping the class to one or two interested children.

I recently wrote an article for the Sewing Savvy e-newsletter about sewing with your tweens and teens.I created a quick Tote project that I thought might be a great starting point for new sewers as it is made from two fat quarters of fabric and involves a number of basic sewing skills that they can practice while completing a wonderful project to take home. The base of the tote is created from a cereal box which adds wonderful stability and can be changed out whenever you feel it is necessary. Sewing can be fun but to keep it fun, it really is all about the fabric and the finished project. If it is not visually interesting you have lost most teens before they have even started. To check out the project above along with full instructions read my latest Sewing Savvy e-newsletter. The instructions and pattern diagrams can be printed direct from the newsletter, making it sew easy. I would love to hear your comments.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Duetica & House Warming Gift

Finished Design

I recently acquired the membership to the Duetica Lettering Arts Studio which was recommended to me by my good friend, Eileen Hull. After talking with Mark and Adrienne at Duetica I was sold on the concept and will become one of their guest bloggers as I like the system enough to recommend it on my own. The Duetica Lettering Arts Studio provides for a very low cost access to numerous custom designed fonts and the ability to work between not only different fonts and sizes but each font comes in a variety of combinations that all seamless fit together.
This is the first project I created using the system the first time out of the gate so to speak. Here is how I created this fun pillow which I intend to give a housewarming gift to my daughter .

Tracing the Design onto your fabric.
I started by choosing what I wanted to transfer onto the pillow front. I chose to use their initials as the kMn & kNm were kind of unusual. I selected the Woodwinds font and quickly tabbed through multiple versions of lettering styles within the system. I enlarged the font to 230 and printed out the 3 sheets of paper. I then used a light table to trace the lettering onto my fabric using a pencil.
Adding weight to the Linework
 The next step was to use a Sharpie fine marker and trace around the lettering filling in the lines here and there and varying the width of the stroke. I used a piece of copy paper which I laid over the ink and pressed using a hot iron with no steam. The ink is now set.
Painting in Designs
The next step is to paint in the center of the letters. I used Tumble Dye by S.E.I to paint in the letters. I combined fuchsia, pink and yellow to achieve the coloring you see on the pillow front. While the ink does not act as a full resist, I found that I could carefully brush in the paint right next to the ink allowing only a small space for the ink to flow and had no problems. S.E.I. has a great tutorial on their website, check it out.

Once you have completed your line work, painting and have heat set the inks and dyes it is time to create your pillow. There are many ways to make a pillow and sometimes simple is the way to go. For a detailed explanation of making your own pillow I suggest to go over to the Fairfield site as I have instructions along with some other great designers on exactly where to start and how to finish your own pillow.
Thanks for dropping by and be sure to check out Duetica, Fairfield and S.E.I to see what you can do.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Doll Clothes Book Author?

A sneak peek at a trio of the designs from a latest book

I never imagined myself as the author of five books and seven patterns all about doll clothes. Why not, I must ask myself however as I was one of those kids that preferred at times to stay home and  create something from scraps of fabric, yarn and cardboard as apposed to running off to a pick up game of baseball like my sister. One of my favorite activities involved cutting up the old Eaton's catalogue. I would only get one after the new issue was received and okay-ed my Mother, but when I did I made good use of it. I carefully cut out people, fashions, furniture, appliances and more from the pages and then glued them to cardboard, creating a complete household filled with family.
My first set of patterns
How did I get started in the doll clothes business you might ask? Well, I was creating and selling designs too DRG, House of White Birches and Annie's Attic and the buyer for the Clotilde catalog asked if I might be interested in designing doll clothes for a doll they were selling in their catalog. I had never done that but thought that it certainly could not be much different that designing, drawing patterns, writing instructions so why not give it a try. Well after years of stuffing patterns into plastic envelopes to fill orders I can say it is possible and I did it. 
My first book on doll clothes

The patterns sold quite well and I was on my way to becoming a doll dresser of sorts. Next step was that I was asked if I would be interested in designing clothes for the popular 18 inch doll. Once again after a little research and asking myself why not I jumped in with two feet and a sewing machine. I decided quite quickly that I needed something to make my books a little different. That difference was born through my concept of every outfit must be able to be constructed from a fat quarter of fabric. I wanted to make things as simple as possible and not having to stand in line at the fabric cutting table was the answer. 
My latest book

I have written three books using the 18 inch doll as my base and each has done quite well I am proud to report. My latest book however takes me right back to my doll clothes dressing roots as it is for the Lots to Love® dolls where I started. This latest book is not available just yet but will be very soon. 

I guess that is the story in a nutshell, it is funny where life takes us.....


Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Vacations & Picnics

Family Vacations Canvas by Lorine Mason
Family vacations for my husband, our two daughters and myself centered around camping and visiting relatives once we moved away from everyone. One place we returned to over and over again was a campground called Pancake Bay which is actually a provincial park in Ontario. It was almost halfway for all concerned and we were able to camp directly next to the lakefront. It was a wonderful experience, that we were lucky enough to repeat for three years. 
I created this canvas as a Father's Day gift for my husband to hang in his home office. 
I painted a 14 x 16 inch canvas and decoupaged two pieces of scrap booking paper to the front. I then cut three opening through the canvas and decoupaged papers for my pictures to peek through. Cutting down the middle of the intended openings allowed me to roll back the edges of the canvas to create the windows. With the addition of some paper weaving and single accent strips the canvas was almost complete. I did not want to add a frame so I glued twine over the frames' sides to finish. Viola - a handmade tribute to camping, family and most of all Dads'.

DAD: Thanks for all you did and who you were.  
Henry Adam Schlamp November 1923 - May 2012   
Love Lorine          

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sullivans, The Cutting Edge Video

The Sullivans Book Project

I recently posted a video to YouTube where I demonstrate the  Sullivans, The Cutting Edge cutting system while creating a paper project. I am not known for my paper projects however have sold many designs before focusing my energy and design skills to the fabric arts. This however was a good fit as I am very familiar with a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler system, having used them for years in my fabric projects. I quickly came up with a project and filmed the video.
The main reason I was interested in the video project was that Sullivans, The Cutting Edge offers a unique twist to the traditional three part cutting system. Each of the rulers comes with an embedded sharpening blade along its edge. As you  run the rotary cutter along the ruler it sharpens the blade. This is a wonderful for a couple of reasons, #1 it saves money as replacing dull blades can be expensive and #2 we now have the ability to change between fabric and paper without worrying about dulling our blades. With the Mixed Media craze right now, crossing between the two mediums does not require separate tools. Anyone who works with fabric has had the talk with their family members. Do Not Touch my cutting tools. There was no excuse great enough to get a pass on this one. I will admit now that I have discovered this system and the ability to cross between mediums the rules have not changed in my house. Why change the rules mid way through the game.
I will be posting the complete instructions for the book project very soon. In the meantime please check out the video, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Urban Doodles & Kayaking

Jocelyn and I on the Potomac River
 Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was fortunate enough to be able to go kayaking with my daughter, Jocelyn. We quickly packed up and headed to launch the kayaks in nearby Algonkian Park. Jocelyn received her kayak as a birthday gift last month and her birthday wish was that I doodle a 'tattoo' on the side of it to make it even more special. I just love when my children like my work.
Kayak Tattoo
Here is a close-up of the results. She loves it which is the best. In fact, while launching the boats and preparing to take a quick photo for the blog, we met two lovely young girls, one of which asked if she could help with the photos. She turned out to be quite the photographer and snapped five photos before we even had a chance to worry about how we looked. Anyway I finally got it across to her that I was actually there to take a photo of the tattoo. She stopped and then came closer to look, immediately asking me for a card so that she too could have her kayak tattooed. You never know who you are going to meet. Stay tuned another business might be on the horizon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Doorways & Impress Art Metal Stamps

Impress Art Metal Stamps

When asked if I would like the opportunity to participate in this blog hop I had to take a moment to think about it, it only took a moment and I had a design in mind that would stay true to my design sense and direction. I am fascinated by doorways and am pleased to have come up with a design that features one of the wonderful metal discs from ImpressArt as well as their Ballroom Boogie 3mm alphabet set. the directions provided with the stamps were extremely easy to follow and with just a little practice I was able to achieve a clean stamped image. 
Metal Stamping in Progress

I chose to stamp my current hometown and state onto the disc, creating a keepsake that can be displayed on my Christmas Tree, in a window or on a stand in my living room. My advice when working with the stamps would be to read the directions carefully and make use of the tape to hold the disc securely to the base. A clean on-point strike from the hammer will give you a clear image every time.
Close Up View of Stamped Image

To create your very own doorway you will need the following supplies along with  Impress Art metal stamp supplies.
 Assorted colors of wool blend felt
Steam a Seam fusible web
 Fantasy Film - Aurora
Sewing machine, Iron, Scissors  and basic sewing supplies
Stiff cardboard rectangle slightly smaller than doorway
 Embellishments of your choice; flowers, hanger, keyhole brad etc. 

The instructions are simple. Cut the first rectangle from felt, in the case of this ornament I used the measurement of 3 1/2" x 5" however the choice is totally up to you. Press fusible web to the back of additional colors of  felt and cut  rectangles and or squares using the any measurements you choose. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web and press the felt cut outs onto the first rectangle constructing the doorway architecturally in any way you desire. The window panel is created by fusing Fantasy Film to fusible web, removing the paper backing and then fusing the film to a section of white felt. Once again remove the paper backing from behind the felt and fuse the window panel to the front of the doorway. Note: you will need to use leftover paper backing from the fusible web or a non-stick craft sheet to prevent the film from melting onto your iron. Stitch around each of the felt layers with a accent color of thread using the stitch pattern of your choice. Note: you will be stitching through all layers of felt. Press fusible web to the back of the stitched doorway. Press fusible web to the back of the cardboard rectangle which has been cut app. 1/2" smaller than the finished doorway. Remove the paper backing from the back of the ornament and press the cardboard to the center back. Remove the paper backing from the cardboard and press a section of  felt to the back of doorway. Trim around the finished doorway. Embellish as you desire.

Reminder: This project is part of a bloghop - please continue by clicking on the Designer Connection button along the side of my page to see more great designs. Have Fun and enter the contest for a great giveaway, information is listed below!

To enter the contest, they must go to the following link and follow the directions:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/ImpressArt/155664424487844?sk=app_194975693850063

Monday, May 7, 2012

Channeling inspiration while on vacation

Hubby and I at Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda

Anyone that really knows me, knows that I love vacations. I am one lucky lady and that is because of that guy standing beside me. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who picked right some 30 years ago.
Okay now on to the blog post which is really about channeling that creative energy while laying across a lounge chair at the pool. Most creative people can not just turn off the ideas and I like to embrace them no matter where I am. I always carry a journal of some sort where I can jot down ideas, inspirational quotes, color themes that I love and even random thoughts. I have also used my iPad to take notes but I honestly find it a little stiff as it involves typing and I kind of do that at my real job. My scribblings do not always make sense and goodness knows they sometimes turn out to be bad ideas but  it keeps me thinking. You never know the best ideas just might come from sitting around a pool on a cruise with a icy drink in hand. Shark Tank here I come - well when I get off this cruise. Have fun everyone - I will be back to work next week.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What does knitting have to do with Tshirts?

If you would have asked me this question a couple of years ago I would not have had a reply for you other than perhaps if it is cold I suggest you pack a sweater. Anyway if you have been following my blog I have offerred up photos of designs I have created using strips cut from Tshirts for awhile now. I have made jewelry, hair accessories, home decor items and well now I have decided that I should try knitting.
In this case, I used two strands of T shirt yarn (orange and pink) and a simple stitch. I intended the tote to be used to carry a cellphone or some other techie thing kids like to carry around these days, however create whatever size you like.
If you look closely you will also notice that I created a woven handle. Remember creating this type of weave using plastic lacing in Girl Scouts, school or at camp. I finished off with a quick bow and some beads.
Think about this - it would be a great project to teach someone to knit and you probably have an old T shirt lying around somewhere.
Sew long for now, Lorine

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sewing for the Outdoors

The birds are chirpping and the sun is shining. It is time to spruce up my outside patio and I think these two pillows just might do the trick. I loved the variety and bright colors of all of the berries in the fabric and was able to find the perfect colors in the stash of batiks to create some fun piping. Not settling for only one row of piping, I doubled up, creating a two for one. It is a lot simplier than you might think. Simply create to rows of piping using cording between bias strips of fabric and your zipper foot, butt the two rows of piping together and stitch. They are now one piece and can be used as any other piping might be used. For full instructions on creating your own outdoor pillows as well as an article on outdoor fabric choices- click on the Clotilde Sewing Savvy logo next to this post and you will be directed to my latest newsletter post on this subject.

As these pillows will be used outdoors I chose Weather Soft™ Pillow Inserts for my pillows. http://www.fairfieldworld.com/product-cat/74-outdoor-pillow-inserts They are available at your local Joanne Fabric stores.

If you find yourself in the area stop by and I will make us a pitcher of lemonade.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An interview with my friend, Jonathan Fong

I was so fortunate to be able to meet up with my good friend, Jonathan Fong at CHA this past January. Jonathan is a creative genious that walked past the booth Eileen Hull and I were sharing in the License and Design section some years ago. Jonathan was wearing a two piece suit created from floral images from his latest book. He was at the show to sign copies and check out CHA. Luckily, we stopped him and commented on his suit and became fast friends. Jonathan lives in California and we have been able to stay in touch via email and stopping by when either of us happens to visit the West or East coast. Jonathan is one of those people that make life fun and I am so glad to have connected with him.

BTW: If you happen to be looking for some inspiration, Jonathan produces, directs and stars in some great video shorts. Check it out at http://www.stylewithasmile.tv

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Eggs - Two Ways

Back a few years I was working with air dry clay, placing designs with a number of magazines as well directly designing for the Dow Chemical company. Those are the folks who bring you all the great STYROFOAM products. I had the pleasure of working with Sharon Currier who has put together a fun blog entitled CraftsnCoffee. Her most recent post was about Easter Eggs and my clay eggs were one of the featured designs. Thanks for the shout out Sharon.

As this blog is entitled It's Sew Lorine I just had to show off show Easter Eggs that I created as a challenge a year or so ago that involved sewing. Using wool blend felt I crafted my eggs using decorative stitches on my sewing machine and finishing them off with buttons. They currently are hanging from a set of shelves in my kitchen. I hope they inspire you to craft your own Easter Eggs this year.

Thanks for stopping by_ _ _ _ _ _

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Again with the Tshirts!

I seem to be on a theme these days but you know how you come across an idea or concept and you just have to go with it. Well I am facinated with T shirt strips lately. It actually is not a new passion as I wrote Fashion T Shirts at least five years ago but playing with the strips pulled into tubes is fasinating to me. Here is a quick hairband I made for the Sewing Savvy e-newsletter I write every three weeks for Clotilde.com. Check out the newsletter for full instructions - but to give you a hint it starts with an inexpensive hairband from the dollar store.

Here is the hairband, I beleive it cost $.33 cents and I liked the wavy pattern. When looking for hairbands to cover, be sure they are not too flimsy as you do not want them to break while you are wrapping them with the fabric tubes.

You got it. Now you just wrap and viola you have a fun hairband made from an old Tshirt.

That's it for now, Lorine

Friday, March 16, 2012

Creating items from old T shirts

Creating fun accessory items is so easy when you cut T shirts up into strips and braid, weave or knot them using techniques you might have picked up in Girl Scouts or perhaps if you are old enough from macrame projects. I love the look I get when creating items from dyed T shirts as you never quite know what you are going to get until you start knotting. I just found out yesterday the I will be teaching a class at CHA in Chicago this summer showcasing the variety of looks you can get when working with T shirt strips. It really is quite amazing when you start playing around. I suggest you perhaps cut up a T shirt next time you are looking for something to do. Well that's it for now. Take care and for heaven's sake do something creative today. Lorine

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sewing with Friends

I entitled this blog post Sewing with Friends however it really should have been Fusing with Friends as there was no sewing done today. It was all about a group of friends with similar interests meeting to work on a project inspired by a blog post our dear friend, Pat Sloan came across and forwarded to us. In Jane LaFazio's blog there was a wonderfull project that Jane created and teaches to interested folks. Check out all the colorful blocks as some are really wild.We decided that our little group would take inspiration from Jane's projects and do our own thing. After much confusion, much discussion and a little planning we were ready to get together and create our own version of a recycled circle themed block. One of our dear members, Sue volunteered her house for us to meet. We each chose a color palette and packed up our fabrics and necessary tools, our enthusiasm and arrived ready to fuse. After much coffee, cold drinks, laughing, talking, lunch and a lot of fusing we each left with seven blocks. Mine are featured above. One of our members no longer lives in the vicinity but wanted to join in so we each made her a block and she will be sending us each one bringing the number of blocks each person has to work with to eight. I plan on creating a fun wall hanging from my eight blocks and will post photos as the project progresses. Stay tuned.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sailor Knot Bracelet

I have been working with T shirts for a number of years now, with my first book on the subject released in 2007. In the book I not only cut apart, stencilled, painted and then sewed back together T shirts for adults and children, I created some simple jewelry designs with the leftovers. It got me thinking and since it is now 2012 (time flies) it is time to update some of the jewelry concepts.

I have since been dyeing T shirts, cutting them into strips and creating all kinds of jewelry pieces. It is so much fun as you never quite know what you are going to get until you are finished. Here is a very basic design I did with the idea that it would be fun one for a girl scout troop or frankly any group of girls to get together and try. It is basic braiding and then a wrapping technique with a pony bead slide closure. Simply put it is bright, fun and inexpensive.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this simple design - it opens the door to so many other possibilities that I find it hard to 'stay the line' so to speak with my other deadlines. Oh well, I guess that is price one pays for being creative.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sweater Project

I have had the great pleasure of being asked to join a wonderful group of women who meet twice a month at our local Wegman's in the cafe upstairs from the grocery store. We meet for an informal dinner or coffee and share our lives, projects and inspiration. It is quite an electric group with different ladies simultaneously working on quilting projects, embroidery, sewing, knitting or crocheting. How might you ask have a managed to get involved in a knitting project on the It's Sew Lorine blog. Well my Mother was a wonderful knitter and I have always been intrigued with knitting having made scarves, mittens for my children and even started a coat sweater after learning I was pregnant and not wanting to purchase a coat to fit over my changing figure. Awww! My Mother had to finish the coat sweater as my dear Jocelyn would have been in college before I finished it and it was a cool the Spring before she was born. Don't you just love Mom's. Anyway long story - to a slightly shorter story. I was inspired by a pattern I found in the KNIT ' n STYLE April 2012 issue called Swirls Cardigan designed by Joan McGowan-Michael and set to work. When I arrived at Wegman's that fateful evening I had my brand new Clover knitting needles, my yarn and my enthusiasm for the project. I quickly cast on my 194 stitches and set to work. I must confess I am not a knitter who can easily talk, breathe or anything else and knit. This became a problem quite quickly as I like to engage with the other ladies. I joked about the project, told the story about my mother and left the meeting with the ladies doubting that I would come back with the project at any stage past what I left with.... I too had my doubts but was determined to move forward after reading a humorous post about their doubts. I took the project out and looked at it numerous times and realized that is was the yarn that I was not happy with not my most basic of skills. Soo..... I changed out the yarn to something very colorful that I was drawn to and here is the start of a sleeve. I decided that perhaps 194 stitches was too many to start with and perhaps I should start with a sleeve. Ta Da! I believe that is a finished sleeve all blocked out and ready to stitch to the body of the sweater. Oh Yeah and I also lengthened the sleeve to cover my Mother's arms which have somehow ended up above my elbows. Stay tuned......

Thank you Sue for spurring me on.......