Friday, May 11, 2012

Doorways & Impress Art Metal Stamps

Impress Art Metal Stamps

When asked if I would like the opportunity to participate in this blog hop I had to take a moment to think about it, it only took a moment and I had a design in mind that would stay true to my design sense and direction. I am fascinated by doorways and am pleased to have come up with a design that features one of the wonderful metal discs from ImpressArt as well as their Ballroom Boogie 3mm alphabet set. the directions provided with the stamps were extremely easy to follow and with just a little practice I was able to achieve a clean stamped image. 
Metal Stamping in Progress

I chose to stamp my current hometown and state onto the disc, creating a keepsake that can be displayed on my Christmas Tree, in a window or on a stand in my living room. My advice when working with the stamps would be to read the directions carefully and make use of the tape to hold the disc securely to the base. A clean on-point strike from the hammer will give you a clear image every time.
Close Up View of Stamped Image

To create your very own doorway you will need the following supplies along with  Impress Art metal stamp supplies.
 Assorted colors of wool blend felt
Steam a Seam fusible web
 Fantasy Film - Aurora
Sewing machine, Iron, Scissors  and basic sewing supplies
Stiff cardboard rectangle slightly smaller than doorway
 Embellishments of your choice; flowers, hanger, keyhole brad etc. 

The instructions are simple. Cut the first rectangle from felt, in the case of this ornament I used the measurement of 3 1/2" x 5" however the choice is totally up to you. Press fusible web to the back of additional colors of  felt and cut  rectangles and or squares using the any measurements you choose. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web and press the felt cut outs onto the first rectangle constructing the doorway architecturally in any way you desire. The window panel is created by fusing Fantasy Film to fusible web, removing the paper backing and then fusing the film to a section of white felt. Once again remove the paper backing from behind the felt and fuse the window panel to the front of the doorway. Note: you will need to use leftover paper backing from the fusible web or a non-stick craft sheet to prevent the film from melting onto your iron. Stitch around each of the felt layers with a accent color of thread using the stitch pattern of your choice. Note: you will be stitching through all layers of felt. Press fusible web to the back of the stitched doorway. Press fusible web to the back of the cardboard rectangle which has been cut app. 1/2" smaller than the finished doorway. Remove the paper backing from the back of the ornament and press the cardboard to the center back. Remove the paper backing from the cardboard and press a section of  felt to the back of doorway. Trim around the finished doorway. Embellish as you desire.

Reminder: This project is part of a bloghop - please continue by clicking on the Designer Connection button along the side of my page to see more great designs. Have Fun and enter the contest for a great giveaway, information is listed below!

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  1. Cool project! Love the Colorado and hey that hometown looks familiar :-)

  2. Ive always adored your doorways Lorine and these stamped metal embellishments are a perfect addition!

  3. I love this 'doorways' hanging, Lorine! Your design is perfect. I like how you stamped your town and state, very nice. And the little hearts are a nice touch. Thanks for the details and great photos.

  4. I love this Lorine! Very true to your design style! Great job my friend!!!!

  5. What a great Christmas tree ornament!

  6. Oh gosh Lorine, everything about what you did is great - Love this!

  7. What a perfect use for the blanks!

  8. Love your doorway! such a pretty combination of color and design.

  9. Lorine - I LOVE this door - what a great idea to capture the memory of where you live! This would make a great gift for so many friends I know that move around often! - kg

  10. What an awesome way to combine metal and fabric. It is JUST amazing and a great idea.


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