Saturday, May 5, 2012

What does knitting have to do with Tshirts?

If you would have asked me this question a couple of years ago I would not have had a reply for you other than perhaps if it is cold I suggest you pack a sweater. Anyway if you have been following my blog I have offerred up photos of designs I have created using strips cut from Tshirts for awhile now. I have made jewelry, hair accessories, home decor items and well now I have decided that I should try knitting.
In this case, I used two strands of T shirt yarn (orange and pink) and a simple stitch. I intended the tote to be used to carry a cellphone or some other techie thing kids like to carry around these days, however create whatever size you like.
If you look closely you will also notice that I created a woven handle. Remember creating this type of weave using plastic lacing in Girl Scouts, school or at camp. I finished off with a quick bow and some beads.
Think about this - it would be a great project to teach someone to knit and you probably have an old T shirt lying around somewhere.
Sew long for now, Lorine

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  1. This is adorable, Lorine. Love the color combo and can't believe it is knitted with tee-shirt yarn. (I have to use the big chunky yarn and only knit scarves.) Very cute design.


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