Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Vacations & Picnics

Family Vacations Canvas by Lorine Mason
Family vacations for my husband, our two daughters and myself centered around camping and visiting relatives once we moved away from everyone. One place we returned to over and over again was a campground called Pancake Bay which is actually a provincial park in Ontario. It was almost halfway for all concerned and we were able to camp directly next to the lakefront. It was a wonderful experience, that we were lucky enough to repeat for three years. 
I created this canvas as a Father's Day gift for my husband to hang in his home office. 
I painted a 14 x 16 inch canvas and decoupaged two pieces of scrap booking paper to the front. I then cut three opening through the canvas and decoupaged papers for my pictures to peek through. Cutting down the middle of the intended openings allowed me to roll back the edges of the canvas to create the windows. With the addition of some paper weaving and single accent strips the canvas was almost complete. I did not want to add a frame so I glued twine over the frames' sides to finish. Viola - a handmade tribute to camping, family and most of all Dads'.

DAD: Thanks for all you did and who you were.  
Henry Adam Schlamp November 1923 - May 2012   
Love Lorine          


  1. Awesome tribute to your dad Lorine!
    Love it.....

  2. Beautiful hanging. Love how you merged the Dad's theme with picnics!

  3. Thank you ladies your thoughts mean so much as you are a talented group.

  4. Such a lovely project and post!

  5. It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)


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