Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strip Tees - is the name too much?

Thinking of what to name a new product line can be fun and it can be a lot of work. I love the name Strip Tees as it perfectly describes what the product is; strips of T shirts that I use to create fun jewelry, hair accessories and home decor items. Stay tuned I might back down from the name and go simply with Tees, we'll see after the class I will be teaching with Ann Butler at CHA next week. I intend to ask the students their opinion, is it too much?

CHA Class Project by Lorine Mason

Here is the class project that I will be teaching at CHA. It will be fun to watch everyone create a version of my design. I hope to have lots of photos and will post some when I return. I will also be leading a MITI in the Westcott booth at the show. Lots of Strip Tees going on it seems. Now that I think of it, I smile each time I say the name - but am I smiling because I love it?

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