Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Again with the Tshirts!

I seem to be on a theme these days but you know how you come across an idea or concept and you just have to go with it. Well I am facinated with T shirt strips lately. It actually is not a new passion as I wrote Fashion T Shirts at least five years ago but playing with the strips pulled into tubes is fasinating to me. Here is a quick hairband I made for the Sewing Savvy e-newsletter I write every three weeks for Clotilde.com. Check out the newsletter for full instructions - but to give you a hint it starts with an inexpensive hairband from the dollar store.

Here is the hairband, I beleive it cost $.33 cents and I liked the wavy pattern. When looking for hairbands to cover, be sure they are not too flimsy as you do not want them to break while you are wrapping them with the fabric tubes.

You got it. Now you just wrap and viola you have a fun hairband made from an old Tshirt.

That's it for now, Lorine

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  1. Look at you! Looks like you didn't get a nap. I did :-)


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