Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sewing with Friends

I entitled this blog post Sewing with Friends however it really should have been Fusing with Friends as there was no sewing done today. It was all about a group of friends with similar interests meeting to work on a project inspired by a blog post our dear friend, Pat Sloan came across and forwarded to us. In Jane LaFazio's blog there was a wonderfull project that Jane created and teaches to interested folks. Check out all the colorful blocks as some are really wild.We decided that our little group would take inspiration from Jane's projects and do our own thing. After much confusion, much discussion and a little planning we were ready to get together and create our own version of a recycled circle themed block. One of our dear members, Sue volunteered her house for us to meet. We each chose a color palette and packed up our fabrics and necessary tools, our enthusiasm and arrived ready to fuse. After much coffee, cold drinks, laughing, talking, lunch and a lot of fusing we each left with seven blocks. Mine are featured above. One of our members no longer lives in the vicinity but wanted to join in so we each made her a block and she will be sending us each one bringing the number of blocks each person has to work with to eight. I plan on creating a fun wall hanging from my eight blocks and will post photos as the project progresses. Stay tuned.


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  1. Very cool idea--love that you all get together to craft :)


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