Friday, April 22, 2011

Butterflies and Spring

I completed my final project from the classes I took at Quilt Market in Hampton Roads, Va this spring. This is quite the accomplishment for me as I have started a lot of projects that remain unfinished in my sewing room. The first class piece was the Daylily I created for my parents a couple of posts back. I am happy to report they have received the piece and it is hanging on their wall at home. When it first arrived in Winnipeg, my sister pinned it to the curtain in my Mother's hospital room and told her that it was not going home until she did. I am happy to report that she did take the quilt home. She is however back in the hospital again. Perhaps that is why I finished this piece come to think of it - maybe I wanted to hang it in my hallway to remind me of the healing power of a quilt. Mom - get well and I will see you soon. Love Lorine

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