Monday, August 15, 2011

Boutique Slippers by Lorine Mason

Here is my latest example of all things possible. As a little girl with a sister a couple of years younger living on a farm we had to improvise our craft supplies. Trust me there was no Michaels or AC Moore down the road and frankly there was no extra money for purchasing fun supplies anyway. This did not stop the creativity in our household. We used things from the yard, recycled items (before recycling was popular) and flour and water for glue. I like to think of myself as a child-like version of MacGyver of the crafting world. Anyway, the point is that we made shoes from cardboard and bailer twine. We carefully traced the outline of our feet onto the cardboard, cut them out and then strung up a version of a farmer flip flop. We decorated them and then proceeded to have a fashion show, laughing ourselves silly each time we had to stop to re-string our footwear. What a memory!

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