Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Challenge called 'Sock Monkey'

When asked to participate in the 'Sock Monkey Challenge' I was at first perplexed as to a possible design direction. My younger brother, Fred carried around a sock monkey when we were growing up so I was quite familiar with the concept of a monkey made from a work sock but the real challenge would be in putting my creative stamp on the project. And then, it came to me. I recently turned in my fourth manuscript for a doll clothes book and decided this is how I would participate while remaining true to my business plan. May I introduce Millie, she is 18" tall and has a knack for creating sewing projects from just about anything. A red heeled work sock from Fox River was the perfect fabric for her trendy sweater dress and hair band. In this photo Millie is preparing to film 'The sock monkey challenge' for u-tube.

The stage is set and once the lighting is checked the work will begin. We would like to send out a great big Thank You to the folks at When Creativity Knocks, Fox River and Judikins, the wonderful sponsors of filming today.

A closeup of the pattern envelope which was inspired by a Judikins stamp along with some of the tools necessary to create your very own sock monkey. If you would like to make a people sized sock monkey for someone you love, check out the video/pattern combination offered by When Creativity Knocks.

Hey Readers: Did you know that you can enter the contest:-Go to website-In the Member Log in box click: Create An Account-Entry Code: Sock Monkey There is also a discount coupon to purchase the WCK VideoBook: Sock Monkey Goes BanAnas

Please note: Rit Dye provided product for this project however Millie chose to feature their wonderful products in an upcoming post entitled "T Shirts and your Jewelry Box" coming soon on It's Sew Lorine.


  1. Millie will be a star someday I can tell. When is her video coming out? :-)

  2. LOVE your sock monkey designer clothing!

  3. This is so clever and beautiful!!!


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