Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick Stitched Ornaments

M is for Mason or Mom or Mary, the choice is really yours to make. This is a quick ornament to make with only felt, stuffing, a hanger and your sewing machine. If you would like the crystal look add some glitter to the finished design. How did I create these adorable ornaments.......

Well let's see, first of all I chose my favorite stitching patterns on my sewing machine and stitched rows spaced app. 1/2 inch apart onto a piece of white wool blend felt. I used a variegated thread for added interest. I then fused Steam a Seam 2 to the back of the stitched piece of felt.

Next I chose a shape for my ornament; a letter created from a font on my computer that I expanded to a suitable size, a cookie cutter, or perhaps something hand drawn.

I traced the 'shape' onto the felt and cut around the image. I removed the paper backing and fused the shape onto a second color of felt which had also been backed with fusible web. I used a scalloped blade scissors to cut around the shape leaving a 1/8 inch border.

I then fused the scalloped edge felt to a final color of felt and trimmed around the edge leaving a 1/8 inch border. I cut a second piece of felt for the backing.

Stitch the two layers together using your machine or a needle and thread and a blanket stitch, being sure to leave a 1 inch opening to stuff the ornament.

Stuff the ornament and sew the opening closed.

Attach a hanger using felt tabs or by sewing it directly to the top of the ornmant. Add a felt rose and leaves to the top of the hanging loop and sprinkle with glitter, if desired.


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  1. These look quick, easy, and adorable! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!

    -Suzann Sladcik Wilson


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