Friday, November 11, 2011

Sew Much Comfort - Veteran's Day Sewing Workshop

It was sew simple to convince three members from my local American Sewing Guild to accompany me to a Veteran's Day Sewing Workshop held in nearby Fairfax, Virginia. Seen here are Barb H., Ruth L., and Barbara D. That's me wearing a yellow ribbon.

Our wonderful, Sew Much Comfort instructor and coordinator Lynne T. She was very patient with us as she explained in great detail every step of the process to adapt simple boxer shorts to fit over the bulky medical equipment necessary for the proper healing of broken or missing limbs.

We were all very intent in doing it right so concentration was a must. I think Lynne thought we were good students. Quality is a must and adhering to the proper way - The Sew Much Comfort Way - if you will, was very important.

Here is the entire group of ladies, with me in the middle once again. Oops not the entire group- we are missing one lady - she acted at our quality control person and took the photo. She inspected each pair before they received a label and were ready for delivery to Walter Reed Hospital.

Velcro was generous to donate three boxes of their wonderful product, which is used in each clothing item. As you can imagine we used a lot of Velcro throughout the day. Thanks Velcro - it really made a difference.

We were also helped by Westcott, who donated three pairs of scissors for the event. Having a sharp pair of scissors handy is a must whenever you are sewing and Westcott makes great scissors. Thanks Westcott.


  1. Cool- what a great way to spend Veteran's Day. I'm sure your hard work will be appreciated by the soldiers. Thanks for doing it...

  2. What a very useful activity!

    I didn't see an email address for you, but was wondering where to purchase the fabrics you used in your most recent doll clothing book. The little scrubs print and the chef's prints were adorable. I just got your book while I was at a cool quilt shop in Olathe, KS and can't wait to start sewing up some darling outfits. Those fabrics are just the perfect scale for sewing doll clothes. Thank you!

  3. Wonderful work, especially since they gave so much! Thanks for sharing!


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